Photos provided by the press service of the "Nikolskiye Rows"

    Nikolsky Rows is a public space in the center of St. Petersburg, where you can relax in winter with family and friends.

    The new winter season 22/23 opens in the public space after the off-season reconstruction and awaits residents and guests of the city in its festive courtyard from December 01, 2022 to January 15, 2023! 

    This season, designers and decorators will turn the yard into a real endless Arctic space. The vast Russian polar expanses will find their place in every part of the yard. In the central part, guests will be greeted by a family of polar bears: a mother bear and her curious cubs, which will become a wonderful pop-up photo zone for children and adults. Opposite, guests can admire the Arctic icebergs and other representatives of the northern fauna. The main New Year's beauty – a luxurious 6-meter spruce, delivered from the Karelian forest, will surely impress with its New Year's decoration, referring to the main natural miracle of the Far North – the Northern Lights. 

    In the Arctic season, visitors will be waiting for both familiar architectural and entertainment facilities, as well as new projects. The winter amusements beloved by the guests will also return: Nikolskaya Hill and the fabulous Venetian carousel.

    The New Year's Fair in Nikolskiye, located in the central part of the courtyard, will also be filled with a long-awaited holiday atmosphere. Residents will be accommodated around the beautiful Christmas tree in polar houses, some of whom will present a special Arctic and northern menu of dishes and warming drinks.

    In addition to gastronomic delicacies, guests will be able to purchase various gifts and souvenirs for their friends and family: handmade hats and socks, lollipops from a local family factory, colorful children's books, scented candles and warm stoles.

    The entrance to the Nikolsky courtyard, as well as in the summer, will remain free for everyone! For some entertainment, Nikolskaya Hill and the Venetian Carousel, one-time tickets from 150 rubles will be valid, as well as tickets for unlimited skiing (see the ticket price below).

    And from November 20 to November 30, when buying a ticket on-line, a special pre-holiday promotion will be in effect, according to which you can buy an unlimited ticket for riding on a slide and a carousel with a discount of -50%! 

    Working hours:

    All December and from January 9 to January 15:

    MON-FRI: from 14.00 to 21.00

    SAT-SUN: from 11.00 to 21.00

    New Year and holidays (from 01 to 08 January): from 11.00 to 22.00